Bhimsing: Bihar minister(mr. foolsing)

We know that recently five of our soldiers gave their lives for mother India. When their bodies arrived at airport no minister of Bihar govt. appeared to receive them. when one of the tv channel reporter asked Bhimsing that why didn’t he care to go there. His reply was that soldiers and policemen are there for sacrifice, what is so great about it. Did your father or mother go there? He foolishly questions back.

We pay our soldiers , no doubt. But that does not mean that we send them for getting butchered. They love our country more than common citizens and most of such fools who do not even know how to answer properly.  And that is why we are sleeping calmly when our Javans are protecting us. Actually what Mr. Bhimsing (foolsing) meant was “i was busy looting the public money so i couldn’t go to the airport.”