TRUTH IS ELUSIVE, the more you go after it ,the more it runs away from can be and is equated with the God.if you are empty within, the God will descend  on you,and with it the truth. but if your vessel  is full of passion and desires nothing of value will be received.Remember that.Gajanii ,my old-time friend once went to the jungle and lost his way.He walked miles and miles and reached very near to the same point from where he had started.Then he lost all the hopes of returning to his village and as he was tired and hungry he soon fell asleep.In the morning when he woke up ,he heard some noises and saw some children digging something.he recognized them also,they belonged to his very after some time he followed them and in no time he reached his destination.Being patient ,the solution came searching for him.
pART -2. Gajanii was restless fellow.he was in search of i asked him what are you searching? he replied God and little peace of mind.i told him to travel a lot.after many years he met me and looked happy and satisfied. i said what is the matter? He replied that he found the God. i smiled back and said where did you find HIM ? He told me elaborately how he met many gurus and “babas” and visited pilgrims but in vain. At last, one day when he was walking in a field he saw a young mother and her child .The child was hardly few months old and the mother was talking to him,in turn the child was smiling back.Mother’s face was beaming with light. Gajanii told me that he saw the presence of God there in their faces.

પ્રતિસાદ આપો

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