Why the God or Gods created women ? because first he created men. Quite amusing is not it ? but don’t take it seriously, i was not there when this all happened. However, when God created the man first, he thought that let me visit the earth and see what i have created is good enough. He was grossly disappointed to see what he had generated. Then He, the God almighty just created an opposite of “man.” The new creation of His was totally different than his earliar creation in all respect. In this modern times both men and women have forgotten that the God have created them different and they should remain that way.
woman is emotional,kind,lovely and caring.
When God was satisfied after what he had created seeing “woman” he gave her extra work just as the boss gives some extra work to his favourite employee. Thus the extra work given to woman was to bear a child. God felt that she the woman will not fail in her duties. Also His the God’s work was half done, in fact ninety percent complete. He then never visited this Earth because most of his work was now carried out by his most trusted creation = employee = “the woman”
And since then the woman has never disappointe the God. So we must always put trust and faith and respect the most trusted creation of God himself.
You may argue what about us, the man ? Okay okay no doubt you are the first creation but remember you are not the final. you are an unfinished job of the God and would remain so for ever unless you bond yourself unselfishly with the final creation. Your only happiness lies in the heart of a woman, in the lap of a woman , on a shoulder of a woman or when she is rocking you in a cradle. The happiest man would be that who dies in the hands of his woman.