Arvind Kejrival- need of the hour

We all know him as a former right hand of respected Shri Anna Hazare. Now he has formed a new party – AAm adami ka party etc. The present run of the mill politicians of course do not like him or his allegations against their respective parties. This is obvious. What people of India do not understand is we need young leaders like him. At least he is not a “budhha” (above 65) like them. He is very young and energetic. Also, he has enough guts to speak against anybody; he is not sparing even big business tycoons. Today’s democracy is fake one and is only meant for achieving power. Seats are distributed or given strictly on the basis of money power, muscle power and caste vote bank. Young generation can change the face of India in this modern era. Digvijaysinh of congress and Mayavati are openly inviting Anna to form a party and fight elections knowing fully that he has no desire to do so. Also they know that he has no black money to win elections. They are asking him to be like them. While Kejrival thought another way, he knew that Anna’s agitation would not give them full success he dared to form a new party. He knew that he would be criticized and labeled a defector. We need leaders who could have enough courage to part ways with the mother organization. Let there be more Kejrivals and Annas and Kiran Bedis. They would be far better than Diggis, Mayas, Modis and Mohans. I think Kiaran Bedi must form a new party only of women members. This is a great opportunity to represent women of India.  So what if the parliament does not pass women’s bill they can and should come to power on their own strength. India has only two major national level parties and both are corrupt. One is blind, the other is without limbs. Other parties are mostly regional and have vested interests. Their only role is to support the one who can give them most central ministries. A Raza and Kannymozi are products of such mini parties. The huge amount of expenses involved in the elections is the main reason of corruption in our country. We must not go on like this, the system must be changed.  There must be cyber elections. Voting must be done on web-sites. Governments can save the lot of money. Candidates of various parties (not BJP or Congress) like kejrival’s must be finalized on merit of their integrity. All memberships must be awarded after scrutinizing their bio-data from the data-bank. In fact I am imagining elections without much money spent. Propaganda must be through web-sites. If this kind of elections and parties come into existence then only we would get right governments else the present picture or show will go on for ever.