IPL; SHARUK KHAN; MATCH FIXING AND “CHEDTI” and now Srisant plus vindu

This is india, what is so new about such unruly behavior and brawls. Which field is devoid of similar incidents? Why expect cricketers to behave in a saintly way when nobody does in any field. When money, power, glory and fame are the basic ingredients such things are bound to occur. This does not mean that action should not be taken against those who are found guilty, but do not make it a national issue. Either you take business, film industry, politics, religion, governance, administration, education, sports or any damn sector there would always be black sheep. This is our national character. And it won’t change for long long times to come.Banning IPL or Shahruk khan or few spot fixing cricketers won’t serve the purpose.

The above article was written in May’12 and now exactly after about an year we now know that match fixing or spot fixing, a small version of match fixing has shook the playgrounds of IPL. Therefore i am compelled to add new thoughts on the same issue. Don’t cry hoax again and again like a small child. This fixings has become a part of our lives, no surprises. It has and always been part of this very popular game called cricket. This how our nation and its great people behave. However, i must also point out that few big names would also appear in this spot-fixing scam. Already, Vindusing’s is found to be involved. Donot give gallis to Srisant because in and around us there is always a spot fixer who is waiting to grab his opportunity.

Ramesh Mehta(gujarati comedian)

Recently i came to know that ramesh mehta died in his home town in rajkot. He was not only a very good comedian but wrote many plays and helped in number of gujarati films’ production. His era was unique and at that time gujarati film industry was at the top. we all must pay tribute to his great contribution. He was interested in astrology too. a fine person.