one more “baba” : Go nirmal-(baba)

I think there is no dearth of “babas” in India. Every now and then they spring up like mushrooms and more aptly like corruption scandals. Yes, i am saying about Nirmal Baba, you so rightly guessed. Here is a baba who is bent upon blessing you, provided you pay nominal charges of Rs. 2000/00 for each ‘samagam’.  Once you are in his domain he would ask you couple of questions taking cue from your  narration of your miseries and problems, mostly of financial nature. He would talk of unknown “Shaktiyas” which are undermining and stopping your progress in this fast-moving world. He would tell you straight away why these “Shaktiyas”  have stopped bestowing  much-needed “krupa” on your miserable and beggar like self. His clenching fist is an indication of your criminality and where the things are going wrong. Before going into remedial measures often suggested by this Nirmalbaba let me give you an idea about his most commonly asked questions  to his miserable devotees.(not exact questions since my memory is not  that sharp).

1) Have you ever seen a snake or have you ever killed a snake?

2) when did you last eat biscuits?

3)Why did not you offer wine to “bhaironath” he wants it from you only.

Okay, I told you before, my memory is not that sharp, however if you have time just watch him during non-prime time (during morning hours or late night hours) on TV. His website would also help you.

His remedies are also as simple as his questions. For example:

1) Give two “roties”/chapaties to any wandering cow.

2) offer two litres of milk to lord Shiva and so on.

3) visit Sirdy or any pilgrimage whichever comes to his mind, particularly suited for remedy of particular problem.

so my advice is if you have any grave problem just watch his “samagam” on TV  even that will attract his “krupa” towards you. Jay Hind. If i have hurt any body’s feelings i am not sorry because i intended to throw some light on the dark faces of many such indian phony “babas” who are just playing with the religious feelings of innocent people of India.

Nirmal baba: where are you coming from?

Lalchi bhakt: Abottabad

NB: where it is ?

LB: It is in Pakistan; kuch krupa karo babaji

NB: Did you ever see Laden there?

LB: No, nahi, nahi. He never came out in open, he was hiding and moreover 36 mulk’s police was after him.

NB: Even then, my dear bhakt, you should have visited him, You are committing so many mistakes, now how my or shaktiyas’ krupa will come. Nevertheless, Now do one thing, go to Simla, and give two and half “rotis” to any damn bhikhari like you. you will be swimming in Petrol. Ha, ha, ha!!!!

LB: koti, koti, pranam.

NB: never mind, by the way did you pay rupees 2000 for registration?