Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that government of India has added one more category for awarding “Bharat Ratna“. This one is for sports personalities who have excelled beyond human capacity. Who have made mother India known to the world through the medium of sports. This has sparked off a futile debate as to who should be awarded this coveted award first. should Tendulkar(cricket master) get it first or Dhyanchand( hockey legend). Now if you consider them both equally worthy of the award then the matter is simply put to rest by awarding “Bharat Ratna” first to mr. Dhyanchand on the merit of seniority. secondly,  doubts are raised that this new category has been included for the sole benefit of Tendulkar. Could be. Some times in the government many such things happen for giving special privileges. Laws and regulations are changed or bent slightly  just to please or benefit someone of high importance. Rules can not be bent for the commoners. Let us be positive that in future  many more categories may be added. This will give more inspiration for youngsters to become more nationalist. That is very important, to become nationalist. It is need of the hour. People from filmistan i.e. from bollywood, gollywood or for that matter any wood should also be included. “The pearl of the nation” or ” The pearl of India” must also be awarded to Anna Hazzare for his valiant fight. The “Bharat Ratna” must also be awarded to the poorest man/woman of India  for his/her “God-like powers to be able to survive in this inflation. Thank you all.