Birth stone: garnet or onyx

Flower – White carnation, snowdrop

Colors– violet, purple, black, silver gray.

Planet: Saturn.

Best marriages: Aries, Taurus Cancer, Virgo. 

1)  Finest and most conservative sign of zodiac. These people are patient, plodding and at the same time solid and substantial.

2) Encounter many ups and down. But they will try to butt their way out of an unpleasant situation.

3) They can become determined to the point where they are stubborn, but not through animosity. Many of their problems are of their own making. If they avoided such problems, they would get better results.

4) Majority of them show restrain, going into action only after due provocation.

5) Restraint and perseverance are their attitudes. A person of this sign will clamber up steep paths to reach new pinnacles, often taking the hardest way.

6) Anxious to manage their own affairs but frequently lacking in self-confidence, particularly after they have experienced dire results of undeserved periods of poverty.

7)When they become too self-conscious, they are inclined to turn moody and go into glum reflection of the past. Oddly they find solitude a good way of pulling out of such unhappy states.  They do not take free advice of so- called friends. And are quick to spot flattery or false praise.

8) They are introspective and are aware of their shortcomings. Kind and self-sacrificing, great understanding and abiding nature.

9) They find solace in art, music or other finer things in which they are frequently talented.

10) Their ability to go on, unwillingness to accept defeat, like responsibilities, such nature take them to greater heights.

11)  These persons are economical, sound in judgment and excellent organizers, which makes business their forte.

12) Long range planning is to their order, often bringing them success in later life. They are apt to live long enough to enjoy it. These folk continue to be active up to an advanced age.   


1)  Very sensitive to criticism because they are methodical. Too hurt to fight back and let others take credit for things they should rightfully claim.

2) Goat folk should not only trust themselves more, but should assert themselves. Should expect and get more.

3) They must curb their own vanity. Each new pinnacle gives them a desire to exult. The higher the height, the more faithfully they should adhere to the rules that helped them gain that summit.