Stone: Topaz

Flower: Red Carnation

Colors: Crimson and Deep blue

Planet: Mars

Best Marriages: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Leo and Virgo.


1) Nature lover, rugged individualists, who will not be stopped once they feel they have embarked upon a rightful enterprise.

2) Adapt to many conditions and they are quick and sharp in attack.

3)  Ardent crusaders, bold adventurers, fearless fighters.

4)  Take calculated risks and are successful.

5)  The higher the Scorpio intellectuality, the more worthy its purposes and more effective its plans.

6)  They have self control, a progressive, loyal, lively nature and a practical intuition.

7)  They meet issues as they find them, confident that one success will lead to another.

8)  They can take hardships, go through any ordeal. They expect reward for effort, in the form of the things they like and want.

9) Tact is not in their department.

10)  Self control keeps them from being impulsive. Contrarily, their urge for action does not allow them to become long-range planners.

11)  They can keep a secret that adds to the confidence they create. 

Avoid or cultivate: 

1)  A broad out-look and wide experience are elements needed toward development of the higher Scorpio nature.

2)  They can rise to great heights artistically, commercially, financially and politically, provided they prove themselves worthy of the honors that they gain.

3)  But the limited Scorpio nature is satisfied with food, drink and other mundane pleasures. A Scorpio person can become quarrelsome in private life, trying to rule family and friends. Scorpio needs more outlets, bigger responsibilities, along with self- expansion.

4) They can do great things directing their deep-set minds and virile nature to higher goals. And not by making enemies.