Birth Stone: Opal

Flower: Marigold

Colors: Blue and Yellow, black and white

Planet: Venus

Best Marriages: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius

                                     Conflicting signs: Virgo, Pisces.    

1)  Sign of balance and represents a constant attempt to equalize the situations of life.

2)   Find it difficult to choose between two or three things.

3)   Sympathetic and understanding, anxious to learn the views of others.

4)   When their sympathy, generosity, charity and self-sacrifice are tossed on one side of the scales the Libra sense of judgment can be disturbed.

5) Their intuition is phenomenal, they can recognize things instinctively, telling true from false, good from bad.

6) For the Libra person is so sincere, so soulful, so self-sacrificing, so completely wrapped in the lives of others, that they expect others to be the same.

7)      Ambition, business, all the practical side of life can go out the window, when the affairs of family, friends or humanity are at stake.

8) Given a choice between two factors, Libra will always gravitate to the human rather than the practical.

9)   Ruled by instinct more than reason.

10)   Often they lavish affection upon those who do not deserve it and are frequently blinded by their own sympathy.

11)  Always siding with the underdog so that justice might not miscarry.

12)  Love of printed matter i.e. books 


1) They hate to see others simply take all that which they have created for granted.

2)They can be appealed by honestly adapting to their sympathetic moods.