VIRGO: THE VIRGIN :( August 22- September 23)

Birth Stone: Sapphire

Flower: Aster

Colors: Black, Gold and brown

Planet: Mercury.

Best Marriages: Aries, Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces. 

1)      Analytical mind, quick to note facts.

2)      Temperament is very orderly, wanting everything in its proper place,

3)      They may worry themselves with fine points. Or become bogged down with details.

4)      They have inquiring mind, are avid readers and have good memory.

5)      Mental tasks seems easy to them.

6)      They have adaptive mentality for new ideas; often borrow from persons and things around them.

7)      Great urge for analysis and detail.

8)      Seldom indulge in flattery; their minds are too exacting for that.

9)      Most of the time they are critical but use tact when occasion demands.

10)  Too talkative for their own use. They may bore people with too much detail and reveal too much about themselves in bargain.

11)   Having quick mind they are fast talkers.

12)  They are their own taskmasters and perfectionists. And optimists.

                             Avoid or cultivate:

1)      Avoid being victims of imaginary ills and problems.

2)      Avoid over criticizing friends and moan over own problems.

3)      Their specialty is giving advice therefore they find it difficult to take it.

4)      They are very modest often to a fault. If they showed  self –importance they would not complain that they were not appreciated.