LEO : THE LION ( July 22 – August 22)

Birth stone: sardonyx

Flower: poppy

Colors: red and orange

Planet: Sun

Best marriages: Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius. 

1)      Nature filled with courage, spirit, and determination.

2)      Mighty will power if can control their own impulses.

3)      Victims of their own ambitions.

4)      Natural Leaders.

5)      Display love and loyalty.

6)      Masters at winning friends and influencing people.

7)      Their nature craves luxury and refinement.

8)      Domineering quality.

9)      They assert themselves in a truly sunny style.

10)  Some times arrogant. 

Avoid or cultivate:    

1)      By helping others they can help themselves.

2)      Incentive is helpful to the Leo people.

3)      They should strive to be good losers in order to be recognized as worthy winners.

4)      Control of ego and anger is needed. Also they must remain immune to flattery.

5)      They must give attention to retiring, mousey individuals instead disregarding them.