Birth stone: pearl

Flower: rose

Ruling planet: mercury

Best marriages: Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. 

1)     Active, clever, skillful and versatile

2)     Often totally unpredictable

3)     Make friends quickly, good talkers

4)     New things interests them

5)     “Out of sight out of mind” is true for these folks. Applies to their friends. Never being at a loss for new, they neglect the old. But being both clever and practical, they can renew old friendships in that same speedy, breathtaking fashion.

6)     “Easy come, easy go” often applies to Gemini persons more than those of any other sign. They can make money and literally throw it away. 

7)     This character is that of the extremist. As a result they can be tricky and deceitful; yet at the next moment go overboard in generosity. They are creatures of the moment.

8)     Active and restless nature. Great travelers. Masters in emergencies.

9)     They get to the point of things immediately and are always find short-cuts.

10) They are good dressers, fond of show, fond of fun, always alert and   too alive.   

Avoid or cultivate:

1)     Often Gemini career becomes one of completely scattered effort and dissipated talents. By focusing full attention upon worthy projects they can gain great success.

2)     By controlling their remarkable flare, choosing the right associates and trusting them, Gemini persons can aim for the finer things of life.