Birth stone: ruby

Flower: water lily

Colors: green

Ruling planet: moon

Best marriages: Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

1)     Crab folk have a cautious, self effacing way causing them to be greatly under-rated.

2)     Sensitive and shy

3)     Their attitude of self withdrawal enables them to spend their time in deep contemplation that can bring fantastic results.

4)     Moody trends

5)     Restless, changeable nature.

6)     Can attain great success.

7)     Ultra– conservatism

8)     On minor matters, they are changeable, their spirits ebbing and flowing like the tide.

9)     Like to travel but home lovers, homebodies and home makers.

10) Governed by emotions

11) Worry a lot and wonder a lot. Sensitive nature.

12) Singleness of purpose can bring great successes.