There are twelve signs across the sky. Month by month, the Sun moves into a new sign, so that the astrological calendar runs about as follows: 

Sign                          common symbol                            birth period

Aries               –              The ram                 –                  March 21 to April 19

Taurus            –              The bull                  –                 April 19 to May 20

Gemini           –              The twins               –                May 20 to June 21

Cancer            –             The Crab                –                 June 21 to July 22

Leo                 –             The lion                 –                 July 22 to August 22

Virgo              –             The virgin             –             August 22 to September 23

Libra               –             The scales             –              September 23 to October

Scorpio           –         The Scorpion            –           October 23 to November 22

Sagittarius      –         The bowman             –          November 22 to December 21

Capricorn       –             The goat                –          December 21 to January 20

Aquarius        –       The water Carrier        –          January 20 to February 19

Pisces             –           The Fishes               –           February 19 to March 21


                     Don’t get confused with  ABOVE signs with your sign by which your name is given. In India we use moon sign to name a person. Above is sun signs, meaning the sun was in the specified sign during the period of months mentioned in front of that particular sign. For example if you were born on 13 December, your sun sign is Sagittarius. At the same time your moon sign may be Leo, which is your name might be beginning with the letter M or t. Now you will get more confused that, which is my real sign? My answer is: both are correct since astral bodies involved in both the methods are different and they represent different aspects.

  The sun represents the “atman” (soul) the moon represents “the man” (mind). Therefore, to know a person better you must have an idea of a person’s mind and his inner soul also. There are few more things friends before I go into details of each sign one by one. First, the influence of each sign carries over about one week into the next. Second, by years of my study I have found that we have to consider the effect of moon sign, sun signs, and rising sign in the horizon during the birth altogether for determining the overall influence on person’s nature and attitudes. Add to these different planetary positions during the birth time (this we recognize as Horoscope). Again consider individual’s hereditary characteristics and his social environment. All these factors will be responsible for individual’s personality, behavior, attitudes etc.

   Further, each sign is like a background on which the pattern of the individual career is traced, much in the manner of a chart or map. This could be used to judge the personal inclinations of life course that it may represent. In any case, it means making the most of one’s own talents ; not merely accepting the decree of fate. The message is clear: Know thyself! I think this much introduction is enough. Now, we will begin with the details of each sign one by one.                                        

                                                             Aries the Ram

Birth stone: Diamond

Birth flower: Daisy

Harmonious colors: Red and Pink

Ruling Planet: Mars

Best Marriages: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius.

1)      Action oriented people

2)      Born leader, has force and drive, a pace setter.

3)      Always modern, Adaptable and hence quick to change course.

4)      Able, because they are quick to appraise a situation.

5)      Good advisers and can get other people into action.

6)      Ambition and achievement are twin horns of this Ram.

7)      Often found to be in conflict with the authorities.

8)      Some times they will scatter their efforts, dropping one thing and taking up another, whichever looks better at the moment.

9)      Sudden shift in purposes in their eagerness to show results may be to find a new outlet for their remarkable energy.

10)   Aggressive but sometimes lack aim

11)   Argumentative, Crusaders and reformers, often bitter in their attacks on persons who offend their accepted standards.

12)   Fearless when facing situations.

13)   Lady luck favors Aries people. 

14)   Loyalty is their hallmark. 

                                            Avoid or cultivate:

1)      Anger and arguments should be avoided.

2)      These people want to be independent but they should invite cooperation.

3)      Patience and purpose should be cultivated.