Best marriages: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 

1)   The great humanitarian symbol of the zodiac. Fearless when they are sure that they are right or have a fixed duty to perform.

2)  They have the power of persuasion by means of direct speech.

3)  Display personal magnetism.

4)  They are agreeable yet reliable; active but calm; progressive yet benevolent.

5)  They love to talk about themselves, thinking it will impress people, which it does – the wrong way.

6)  They put their own affairs first, letting others wait. They ask advice and then proceed to disregard it. They show interest in people and promptly proceed to forget them.  

7)  They talk about great opportunities, but do nothing to develop them. When they fail they often blame other people.

8) Though the highly developed person of this sign can rise to great fame despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the undeveloped Aquarius nature may never get off the ground.

9)  Many of them find their life work in specialized lines, like invention, for they have inquiring minds.

10)  They know human nature, even if they sometimes trust it too far.

11)  They are good buyers, good sellers, with a rare wit and ready manner that goes far to further their ends while increasing their popularity. 


1)  Must rise above their own personal interest and really give of themselves to others.

2) A fine sense of discrimination is necessary to the Aquarius make-up.

3) They have big ideas, but must gain power to swing them; not mere talk.

4) By counting, studying and activating all his assets, developing his warmth of manner, showing people that he can remember them, he can achieve success. 



Birth stone: garnet or onyx

Flower – White carnation, snowdrop

Colors– violet, purple, black, silver gray.

Planet: Saturn.

Best marriages: Aries, Taurus Cancer, Virgo. 

1)  Finest and most conservative sign of zodiac. These people are patient, plodding and at the same time solid and substantial.

2) Encounter many ups and down. But they will try to butt their way out of an unpleasant situation.

3) They can become determined to the point where they are stubborn, but not through animosity. Many of their problems are of their own making. If they avoided such problems, they would get better results.

4) Majority of them show restrain, going into action only after due provocation.

5) Restraint and perseverance are their attitudes. A person of this sign will clamber up steep paths to reach new pinnacles, often taking the hardest way.

6) Anxious to manage their own affairs but frequently lacking in self-confidence, particularly after they have experienced dire results of undeserved periods of poverty.

7)When they become too self-conscious, they are inclined to turn moody and go into glum reflection of the past. Oddly they find solitude a good way of pulling out of such unhappy states.  They do not take free advice of so- called friends. And are quick to spot flattery or false praise.

8) They are introspective and are aware of their shortcomings. Kind and self-sacrificing, great understanding and abiding nature.

9) They find solace in art, music or other finer things in which they are frequently talented.

10) Their ability to go on, unwillingness to accept defeat, like responsibilities, such nature take them to greater heights.

11)  These persons are economical, sound in judgment and excellent organizers, which makes business their forte.

12) Long range planning is to their order, often bringing them success in later life. They are apt to live long enough to enjoy it. These folk continue to be active up to an advanced age.   


1)  Very sensitive to criticism because they are methodical. Too hurt to fight back and let others take credit for things they should rightfully claim.

2) Goat folk should not only trust themselves more, but should assert themselves. Should expect and get more.

3) They must curb their own vanity. Each new pinnacle gives them a desire to exult. The higher the height, the more faithfully they should adhere to the rules that helped them gain that summit.


SAGITTARIUS: THE BOWMAN (November 22 – December 21)

Birth stone: Turquoise or zircon

Flower: narcissus, poinsettia

Colors: mauve, indigo, and green.

Planet: Jupiter

Best marriages: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius. 

1) These people are direct, purposeful, and filled with vision.

2) They have a happy, carefree and independent nature, so less inclined to worry and fritter over many things.

3) “Honesty is the best policy” and usually follow it to the letter.

4) They become a source of annoyance to friends who want to weigh matters, compromise, judge by appearance, etc. all things which are abhorrent to the bowman’s nature.

5) They truly believe that “what’s worth doing at all is worth doing well.”

6)  It is not in their nature to switch, especially when they are aiming for a given target.

7)  Honest and truthful. They speak frankly, even bluntly. They dislike deception from others.

8)  Concentration is the keynote of Sagittarius. But in a practical way.

9)  These people become actors, financiers and statesmen.

10)  They gain public esteem through their integrity.

11)  Complex conditions are beyond them. When they leave something for some one else to do. 

Avoid or cultivate: 

1)    Should curb their wit and general expression of opinions.

2)    They have a strong sense of values which they apply to people as well as things, making enemies as well as friends.

3)    They are not extravagant but should safe guard their money.

4)    They should avoid being critical, short-tempered, and slothful instead aim for higher. “Not failure, but low aim, is a fault.”



Stone: Topaz

Flower: Red Carnation

Colors: Crimson and Deep blue

Planet: Mars

Best Marriages: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Leo and Virgo.


1) Nature lover, rugged individualists, who will not be stopped once they feel they have embarked upon a rightful enterprise.

2) Adapt to many conditions and they are quick and sharp in attack.

3)  Ardent crusaders, bold adventurers, fearless fighters.

4)  Take calculated risks and are successful.

5)  The higher the Scorpio intellectuality, the more worthy its purposes and more effective its plans.

6)  They have self control, a progressive, loyal, lively nature and a practical intuition.

7)  They meet issues as they find them, confident that one success will lead to another.

8)  They can take hardships, go through any ordeal. They expect reward for effort, in the form of the things they like and want.

9) Tact is not in their department.

10)  Self control keeps them from being impulsive. Contrarily, their urge for action does not allow them to become long-range planners.

11)  They can keep a secret that adds to the confidence they create. 

Avoid or cultivate: 

1)  A broad out-look and wide experience are elements needed toward development of the higher Scorpio nature.

2)  They can rise to great heights artistically, commercially, financially and politically, provided they prove themselves worthy of the honors that they gain.

3)  But the limited Scorpio nature is satisfied with food, drink and other mundane pleasures. A Scorpio person can become quarrelsome in private life, trying to rule family and friends. Scorpio needs more outlets, bigger responsibilities, along with self- expansion.

4) They can do great things directing their deep-set minds and virile nature to higher goals. And not by making enemies. 


Birth Stone: Opal

Flower: Marigold

Colors: Blue and Yellow, black and white

Planet: Venus

Best Marriages: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius

                                     Conflicting signs: Virgo, Pisces.    

1)  Sign of balance and represents a constant attempt to equalize the situations of life.

2)   Find it difficult to choose between two or three things.

3)   Sympathetic and understanding, anxious to learn the views of others.

4)   When their sympathy, generosity, charity and self-sacrifice are tossed on one side of the scales the Libra sense of judgment can be disturbed.

5) Their intuition is phenomenal, they can recognize things instinctively, telling true from false, good from bad.

6) For the Libra person is so sincere, so soulful, so self-sacrificing, so completely wrapped in the lives of others, that they expect others to be the same.

7)      Ambition, business, all the practical side of life can go out the window, when the affairs of family, friends or humanity are at stake.

8) Given a choice between two factors, Libra will always gravitate to the human rather than the practical.

9)   Ruled by instinct more than reason.

10)   Often they lavish affection upon those who do not deserve it and are frequently blinded by their own sympathy.

11)  Always siding with the underdog so that justice might not miscarry.

12)  Love of printed matter i.e. books 


1) They hate to see others simply take all that which they have created for granted.

2)They can be appealed by honestly adapting to their sympathetic moods.

VIRGO: THE VIRGIN :( August 22- September 23)

Birth Stone: Sapphire

Flower: Aster

Colors: Black, Gold and brown

Planet: Mercury.

Best Marriages: Aries, Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces. 

1)      Analytical mind, quick to note facts.

2)      Temperament is very orderly, wanting everything in its proper place,

3)      They may worry themselves with fine points. Or become bogged down with details.

4)      They have inquiring mind, are avid readers and have good memory.

5)      Mental tasks seems easy to them.

6)      They have adaptive mentality for new ideas; often borrow from persons and things around them.

7)      Great urge for analysis and detail.

8)      Seldom indulge in flattery; their minds are too exacting for that.

9)      Most of the time they are critical but use tact when occasion demands.

10)  Too talkative for their own use. They may bore people with too much detail and reveal too much about themselves in bargain.

11)   Having quick mind they are fast talkers.

12)  They are their own taskmasters and perfectionists. And optimists.

                             Avoid or cultivate:

1)      Avoid being victims of imaginary ills and problems.

2)      Avoid over criticizing friends and moan over own problems.

3)      Their specialty is giving advice therefore they find it difficult to take it.

4)      They are very modest often to a fault. If they showed  self –importance they would not complain that they were not appreciated.

LEO : THE LION ( July 22 – August 22)

Birth stone: sardonyx

Flower: poppy

Colors: red and orange

Planet: Sun

Best marriages: Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius. 

1)      Nature filled with courage, spirit, and determination.

2)      Mighty will power if can control their own impulses.

3)      Victims of their own ambitions.

4)      Natural Leaders.

5)      Display love and loyalty.

6)      Masters at winning friends and influencing people.

7)      Their nature craves luxury and refinement.

8)      Domineering quality.

9)      They assert themselves in a truly sunny style.

10)  Some times arrogant. 

Avoid or cultivate:    

1)      By helping others they can help themselves.

2)      Incentive is helpful to the Leo people.

3)      They should strive to be good losers in order to be recognized as worthy winners.

4)      Control of ego and anger is needed. Also they must remain immune to flattery.

5)      They must give attention to retiring, mousey individuals instead disregarding them.