Anna has now become  the most influential person in India. He has faced criticism for his authoritarian views on justice, including death as punishment for corrupt public officials and his alleged support for forced vasectomy as a method of family planning.

Looking to above, his demand of formulating and passing the Lokpal bill according to his draft before 30th August in some ways shows his “Jiddy” attitude. But present congress leaders are showing more stubbornness. The huge support Anna is gaining day by day, may prove fatal for the present government. The whole issue’s governing factors now are “arrogance and power of “Khursi”. If some terrorist had hijacked a plane carrying Indian passengers the govt.  might have bypassed all rules and committees for sure and succumbed to their demands. This has happened in the past. I am not saying that lives of people is not important. But presently, millions are dying and go hungry because of the demon of corruption. So there must be a great urgency in resolving this issue. I think it is time for an armed revolution.

Secondly, many people feel that following parliament rules and considering other views on Lokpal Bill is equally important. One person can not say my way is the right way or high way. This view also holds water. However the present and previous governments have dragged this issue for so long that now it has become a hanging sword over their heads. So much so that the corruption issue is equated now with cancer and people of India are loosing patience and have lost trust. For this situation all politicians including opposition are criminally responsible for their abject negligence and lack of political will.

Now, under the circumstances what should be done by the smug politicians?  Much time has been lost. Anna’s health is deteriorating now, there is no time left for detail discussions and rules, years were given to formulate      n-number of bills and to curb corruption.

It is time for quick action, work day and night and find amicable solution now. We the people of India have put trust in you and have elected you to make our lives better. Just function properly or go away before we take up arms. Jay Hind.   




  1. A salute to Anna Hazareji and the people who are behind the non violence protest. As Hazareji said, It’s a great beginning, remaining all in our hand. As per the present condition we are the only reason for all corruptions. If they ask bribe we are giving for our self purposes. Please don’t give any more bribe from now and let’s make an anti-corrupted India. Jai Hind

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