The recent attack at night on Baba Ramdev is certainly deplorable act on the part of Government but at the same time people of India and the media must know the difference between a true satyagrahy and a simple agitator. A true satyagrahy is never afraid of  an arrest or lathicharge. While our Baba is hiding behind women supporters in woman attire. We have seen true satyagrah by Ghandhiji and Jayprakash Narayan.  Also i find that media refers him as a Sanyasy, No he is not a sanyasy in my opinion. He is simply not married and wears saffron clothes. He is simply a yoga trainer  and not a spiritual teacher. His language and behavior  indicates that he is “run of the mill” politician. Since all the aged people who had come to him for the cure of diabetes and high BP at Ramlila Maidan ran away seeing the police, now  Baba has come up with a new idea , that he will form a “sena” of youngsters numbering 11000 and this time he will not take thrashing or beating easily. Also that he will teach them with weapons. So he may retaliate using violence.  When Anna Hazare went on fast on the issue of Lokpal Bill , Ramdev felt missed out and might have decided that I too must do something like that in a grand scale. However he failed miserably and lost lots of good credit. Now Baba Ramdev is speaking the language of a true politician. I plead people of india to join Anna Hazare because he is a true Satyagrahy and he has very well taken the issue of monumental corruption. Baba Ramdev’s empire of 11000 crores is almost made up of black money and corruption money, how he is going to fight corruption. Corruption is in the mind of people. Our education and election system is so costly that an engineer, a doctor or an IAS officer  or a politician can not escape from doing corruption even if he is not willing. I do not see much hope in the Lokpal Bill either. There are laws and punishment for every crime on earth but ,  justice  delayed  is  justice denied. Secondly our political system must be made easy and non expensive. Any way Baba has become modern-day ‘Shikhandi’ of Mahabharata. truly I was dejected not seeing in him “a true man.”

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