Risks To civilization : End of The World

    Risks to  humans and  the Earth:- The concept is expressed in various phrases such as “End of the World“, “Doomsday“, “Ragnarök“, “Judgment Day“, “Armageddon“, “the Apocalypse“, “Yawm al-Qiyāmah” and others. (પ્રલય, કયામત )

1–Solar flares, supernovae, black hole explosions or mergers, gamma-ray bursts, galactic   center outbursts, buildup of air pollution, gradual loss of human fertility,

2–Distant future : The Andromeda Galaxy is on a collision course with the Milky Way.. This merging could eject the solar system in a more eccentric orbit and an unwanted position in the merged galaxy causing our planet to become uninhabitable.The Earth would finally be destroyed by tidal forces.

3– Meteorite impact : If such an object struck Earth , humanity would be completely destroyed; for this to occur the asteroid would need to be at least 1km in diameter,

4– Massive objects,: An encounter with star, planet or black hole, could be catastrophic

5–Extraterrestrial life : Is a possible threat to humankind;  scientists such as Carl Sagan have postulated that the existence of extraterrestrial life is likely.

6- Global pandemic :  For example, if   HIV were to mutate and become as transmissible as the common cold, the consequences would be disastrous.

7-  Megatsunami :  A megatsunami could have astronomical origins as well, such as an asteroid impact in an ocean.

8-   Climate change and global warming :- Ice age –

 9-   Ecological disaster

10- World population and agricultural crisis

11- Supervolcano

12-  Humanity: Some threats for humanity come from humanity itself.

 (a) Warfare and mass destruction nuclear warfare and a Doomsday    device.

 (b) Artificial intelligence :. Physical scientists might accidentally create   a device that could destroy the earth and the solar system. such as Large Hadron Collider. Out of control self replicating robots consume all living matter on earth.

13-Climate change and ecology :Global warming might cause the climate on Earth to become uninhabitable.

14-Other scenarios:-Peak oil, Antibiotic resistance: Natural selection , A  full scale nuclear war, Overpopulation, Famine,

15- Historical fictional scenarios : 1-   Sir Isaac Newton (1642–1727) studied old texts and surmised that the end of the world would happen no earlier than 2060, although he was reluctant to put an exact date on it. 2- The belief that the Mayan civilization‘s Long Count calendar ends abruptly on December 21, 2012, is a sign of end of the world.

16:-  I also add,  mankind’s own stupidity as one of the possible reason for its own destruction.

17:- As many believe, God has created this universe and life, He just may want to destroy it for reasons known to him only.

18:- Also, God’s arch rival The Devil, one day may win an eternal war with the God and either destroy this planet or just may make the humanity his slave and allow them to live. However  their existence is a debatable issue.  


2 thoughts on “Risks To civilization : End of The World

  1. dear sir,
    actually i am not familiar with all those words u have described, but one thing i must say that their is a start of the end of world ( contrasting but true isn’t it). Their has been much of the natural calamities destroyed thousands of the homes and lives this year in different part of the world like say Japan, china and America. But the cause for the same is due to uncivilized behavior of the human being towards the environment and nature. Human have developed much of the technological terror on this earth that now it is kicking back to us. The worst is the nuclear side, as it not only destroys for a while but affects for hundreds of years. Now i hope that after terror in japan, the scientist and the government have realized the drastic effect of nuclear science whether it is used for the power(1) or for the power(2).
    Today each and every companies are running for the green environment and dominating their products to go green. But even though much of the products waste, scraps are still hard to get turned into best for the green.
    In our country no one is aware of recycling of the unwanted goods. Recycling plants are also not much enhanced upto the levels and promotional activities are also not carried by the government for the recycling of the goods. According to me there should be a recycling outlets in each of the cities and towns so that one can go there and can give their unwanted and unusable products like cell phones, radio, tv sets, watches, computers etc.

    We have changed the environment leading to end, and now we only have to change the same up to the end. We are not the architect of the nature perhaps each architectural structure (design) is a gift from nature.

    • Dear Diptesh,
      Recently many have tried to prophesh or predict the end of the world just to instill panic or earn money. But this is not a game. cosmos would not be affected by a bit if the humanity or this earth gets destroyed. It matters to those people who want this beautiful planet to remain there for many many years for upcoming generations. The universe is not required to behavve in confirmity to human needs that is why so many natural calamities, For recycling i must add that anything wasted is going against the laws of the nature. Thank you.

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