Yesterday there was  a cricket match between india and pakistan. India  came to a stand still after 2.30pm. There was too much hype , hysteria and hupla and madness due to this particular match. especially media is showing madness as never before. It was mother of all battles. cricket or sports rivalry is not a new phenomena. It was good inviting Pakistani political heads after all they are our notorious neighbours. India could have easily lost the match if Sachin did not get many lives. The idea is let us learn to enjoy a good match rather loosing all senses like media. Other sports must also be given same affection.


One thought on “ICC WORLD CUP-2011: INDIA vs. PAK

  1. Congratulations to Indian Team for winning the match and qualifying for the finals…. It was a well disciplined, healthy and friendly match, which is an unusual environment when there is a match between India and Pak. There was no sledging from the players by either side.
    There was a big celebrations out on streets after winning the match with flags waving in air and the echo of chantes and drums…… It was a celebration time and it will be on sat too hopefully….
    Best Luck INDIA…

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