BABA RAMDEV vs. Congress:Black Money

Baba is once again in the controversy due to his political ambitions. Tv reports states he is worth 1100 crores. Baba says there is not a single penny or an inch of a land on his name. All these money he has are white money. Agreed, but can he prove it.

            A white money is that money which is legally earned and on such money every tax specified according to the laws are paid. Can he prove this? probably not. So he is giving political answers. One more example, he was in Nagaland and while addressing the people of Nagaland he told that he loves Nagaland the most. So now he is really acting like  a political candidate.

He is doing good work in the field of Yoga and a Baba can also become PM of our nation, no objection to that. but what about the people who are surrounding Ramdev Baba, no guarantee . Look at the history, all those congressmen following Gandhi and Patel and Nehru were honest in their intentions at first. But later on when they acquired power they became corrupt. ” The power corrupts and the absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

         I think all religious donations must be taxed. Or 10% of all riligious donations must go to PM’s Fund and that money should be utilized for children’s welfare.


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