Terrorism: From ancient times to recent times

Today the world stands united against the problem of terrorism at least they say it in their joint statements when world leaders happen to meet for some purpose. Mankind has more or less successfully fought against various kinds of terrors since prehistoric times. But they were mostly from natural causes like earth quake, forest fires, cyclones, floods, epidemics, crisis of food. They still terrorize people when they strike. Then came wars for survival, colonization. Wars for establishing religious supremacy. Wars and violence for expanding the regions of kingdoms, wars for ideology. Wars for liberation and liberty (Azadi). Very beautiful names were given to all these categories of ugly wars. Also one man’s freedom fighter is other man’s terrorist. Genocides were ruthlessly carried out as necessity. Hitler is a classic example of such mass killings. There are many such examples in human history. It was easy for the rulers to suppress their political opponents in the name of law and order or elimination of enemy of the nation. Saddam Husain just did that. Even big developed nations many times assist and fund such operations to enhance their political agendas. In turn their opponents harm innocent people by bomb blasts. While Natural terrors are often short lived and easily forgotten, manmade terrors have long lasting impacts and not easy to root out. Unless the governments of the world adopt fair play policies and generate the atmosphere of “well meaning’’ situation is not going to improve. The problem of terrorism is often socio-political in its origin. The governments alone cannot eradicate it. However by good security it can only reduce acts of terrors.

Remember, the terrorists are enemies of humanity and must not be dealt with kindness. At the same time they are also humans. They are heroes and freedom fighters for whom they are working. So it is better to resolve ideological disputes as quickly as possible. The delay in this regard would give time to opposing forces to reorganize and strengthen themselves. The Kashmir issue and Israel – Palestine are such examples of long drawn out wars. At this point it is necessary to mention that a nation must give out a strong message of will power to terrorist organizations. India for example is considered as a soft nation or a soft target in this regard. We, as a nation must emerge as a strong nation, as strong as a rock. There must be strong national spirit, will to fight and must possess integrity.

 Indians have a short collective memory of acts of terror as if nothing is going to happen again. This attitude is often described by “media” as an act of bravery.  They report: Look, this is the very spot where 27 people died yesterday due to bomb blast and now it is crowded by people. It should be crowded; people should move on, it is a good sign. At the same time they should ask the government what it is doing about it. And people should also become more vigilant and just not wait for another attack to happen.

You cannot fight terrorism with an army. Anybody can understand this. Because it is one kind of a gorilla war, hide and seek type. Terrorist has to find a very soft target, i.e. innocent people who are moving around in trains or buses or near a market place or any crowded place for that matter. Then he acts and runs away. Sometimes he takes his own life to carry out his ghastly acts of terror. For Indians to die a terrorist is not required, they die themselves in stampede of all kinds. Such are our people, cowards at the core. If they are frightened they just run blindly killing women and children.

Disparities in social status or poverty often give rise to terrorism. Governments must fix this problem giving equal opportunity for developments to its citizens. Social injustice is a germinating ground for terrorism. Politicians and leaders, corrupt officials and people who do not pay right taxes are all responsible for creating wide gaps between rich and poor.

Hate perpetuates hate and similarly love spreads love. Every act of terrorism has hate as a central force. Let us love all and spread love to our fellow human beings.