mind management

To define mind is not solving a simple cross-word puzzle. It is a tremendous organ responsible for the development of whole of the human race. Nevertheless in future the same organ could bring the end of  it. Therefore it is necessary and important to use this organ or facility as wisely as possible not only for individual’s own interest but also for the better future of civilization. The mind is a very complex organ defined in more than one ways according to its functions and characteristics. Actually it is the  master of the body and works for its survival. I will not go in to details of its functions and how it works, i think most of my learned readers know at least some basics of this vital organ. But briefly, as the driver is to the car or any vehicle, so is the mind for the body of humans. Problems arise when the driver of a vehicle is not in control, inefficient, drunk, not attentive, has lack of knowledge about his path, has no idea of his desired destination or few such other things which are a hinderance in doing his function of driving. Similarly when the mind is not in control ( i.e. it is a slave of human desires), has no knowledge and has no idea about its goals in life surely it will take the person to the valley of destructions. It is the only organ which can train itself and help itself. It can go inside itself to the inner depths of subconsciousness and still further deep and analyse and improve. It can also become slave and master of itself, that is why most of the people are confused about its behaviour , therefore they know it by so many names like , mind, brain, intelligence, wisdom, and so on. All thought processes are going on continuously day and night even during the deepest sleep. Incidents happened years ago haunt him/ it in the night and torment it. It is a wonderful organ. It’s energies must be saved. It is a storage house of garbage in the form of useless thoughts and feeling. It is also a land where the first seeds of great ideas germinate and take the shape of great human endeavours.

Failure of mind: some examples

In America one lady professor shot dead two or three colleagues after the decision of her extension at work place went against her.(2) recently , two days back near  “Chotila” a father killed his son just because he was unable to support him. That is what he is saying to the police.(3) In Dehradun a software engineer killed his wife and cut her body in to pieces and stored them in to a deep freezer.(4) A  fellow just enters a school building and starts firing, kills lots of school children. The list could be endless and my memory is not that sharp nor is it my intention to horrify you with gory details of such incidents which are clear indications of failure of mind. Reasons for the failure of mind could be attributed to many factors; some of them may lead us to prehistoric times and childhood phases in human development. Improper upbringing, Socio-economic factors, incapacity to handle emotions in case of loss of loved ones, loss of property, break-up with a  life partner, Repression of basic Instincts, traumatic incidences, prolonged captivity, war experiences, victimization, victim of torture, and similar factors  are germinating grounds for various types of mental malfunctioning.

I will name a few for your further research and contemplation , like obsession  neurosis, traumatic illness, anxiety hysteria, phobias, depression, hysteria, megalomania, narcissism, paranoia, chronic systematic insanity, melancholia, inferiority complex and insomnia.

In the task of mind management we must also see that the mental energy is fully utilized to achieve individual goals and peace of mind. Therefore it is most important that it be not wasted by way of misdirection and improper handling. Mind Energies are dissipated very easily and takes a big toll on the victims of above mentioned disorders. The victim feels helpless and worthless and fails to show good results in the society. The society throws him in to a mad house before consulting a good doctor or having services of a qualified psychoanalyst. Sometimes the victim may harm other man, woman or children. He may even harm himself.

Loss of loved ones may throw the person or say his mind in to a state of prolonged mourning or melancholia. The person looses all interest in the outside world, may not take food also. Under this condition he cannot function as a normal human being. In melancholia he even looses self esteem. They do come back to normal state sometimes but time lost is lost. But some mental illnesses never go and devastate the victim and his family to a great deal.  Surprisingly even other chronic illnesses like cancer, headaches and Aids may torment the victim and lead him to a mental disorder of some kind. Proper care and family love can at least give him the strength to fight the disease.  I am not a student of psychoanalysis but I think love and faith can help tremendously in all kinds of mental disorders or all illnesses. If the children are given 75% Love  and 25% discipline fewer problems will be faced by the society. Do not get mislaid by this formula , each child or person is a different  entity and must be dealt accordingly as per his or her mental constitution. An unruly child may need more amount of discipline, also he may want more love or attention and that may be the cause of his unruly behavior or naughtiness. Older people are quite experienced in this regard. Marriages are broken due to improper handling of emotions, not being able to understand each other, satisfaction of ego is not met with.

Wherever you look, the most important organ of a human body namely , the mind is at play. The whole history of human progress was entirely dependent on  this organ namely brain or mind. Is mind a slave or a master of “you”?  . well I will dare to answer. : ‘ we need both of them , a slave to work for us and a master to guide and control us.”

Mind is an organ where all mental processes conscious or unconscious take place continuously. It is like a river flowing with it’s water having flowers, decayed bodies, organic matter in short good or bad things in our terms. The river does not try to throw any one of them out of it. It just carries everything. No differentiations. Well, river is river if it gets dirtier the government might spend money to clean it. Also, a man I must point out at this stage  does not have a full control over his thoughts . He is living in this world and comes across varied kinds of experiences, incidences, sees lots of new things daily and perceives them according to his past experiences and knowledge. Then he may take appropriate action or refrain from it. Nevertheless he is affected by the outside world and also with his knowledge of the same world. Now we can see that one’s mind’s knowledge is also important to function properly. Thoughts which are bad according to the social norms and laws of the land ,which are put in to action  due to lack of will or low moral background or lack of knowledge may harm the society and the family also. One may be obsessed with spiritual ideas, gods and deities and also on the other side  may complain of having “ bad dreams& bad ideas”. The solution is: be with your inner self. Subconscious and Unconscious and the metaphysics of it, involving the making of your inner self play a greater part in your development and existence. Now, one may ask how am I to improve myself or guard against such mental disorders or illnesses. Watch your thoughts, analyze, judge , and take the services of your slave :the mind . and take the guidance of your master: the same  mind. Are you perplexed?  Well, that was my original intention.  “ a life that is unexamined is not worth living” , said Socrates. Well, my dear readers I would like to replace the word “life’ by “mind”.

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”—Buddha.

From above quotation of lord Buddha one can make out that you yourself are master, the only master available to you who can really help you. So do not go for “ nazar surksha kavach “,” laxmi yantra” and so on. I may add, do not ever feel guilty even if you have commited a crime. Just face the consequences , well because only you have to face it.