An old man’s dilemma

Here I am putting my response to an article by Davada uncle in the blog of “piyuni no pamrat” as a short  article.

  1. Dear Paruben,
    Nice article about older people and what they have to go through in their later stages of life, when they are waiting for dear death. There is a lot of truth in the article of Davda uncle and may guide many people who are likely to face such a situation in a joint family. According to me this problem could be tackled from many fronts. 1) Remain active and physically fit as long as you can, so that you don’t become a burden or a liability. Also you can help your family by remaining fit and hence increase your importance and win love from them. 2) Save some money for yourselves you will be needing it at the fag-end of your life. this will also make you fill quite independent. Do not give away everything to your sons and daughters and feel cheated later on. This may sound selfish but it is the order of the day. 3) Most important: Be intellectually powerful and guide the family, your help will be appreciated. Take interest in many activities it will keep the mind sharp and body healthy. 4) Do not criticize at a drop of a hat, younger generation has their own ideas about the world. 4) Adjust to the new circumstances, understand that there is a role reversal now, your wife even can not help that. 5) do not feel helpless , be mentally strong and see the film “Bagban”. 6) do not become a pain in the neck  instead, compromise and win hearts of your grandchildren. 7) create your value, there is no free meal anywhere. Even after all your honest efforts thing still could go wrong, then you might have learnt a new lesson from life  ( a great teacher). However if you have lived a good life and gathered knowledge this is not a big problem.