Adventures of Gajjani:part-3

My friend Gajjani once went to meet his scientist uncle who had returned to India after winning a noble prize in microbiology. He had established a mini laboratory in the jungles of Gir forest. Uncle Mohan was always busy with scientific experimentations. He was very excited when he saw that Gajjani had cared to visit him after so many years.Gajjani was very curious type of person. He was also very adventurous. His uncle knew about these traits of his nephew and wanted to grab this opportunity, which had come knocking to his door. Gajjani was excited to see different kind of equipments and chemicals and quickly asked,”what is going on uncle, anything new? Can I help you? Mohan uncle just wanted this. Yah, why not. In fact, I have come up with something remarkable in the field of micro-bio-nanotechnology if you could just volunteer for a day or two. However, it is very slightly risky nevertheless it is exciting too.Gajjani could not imagine his luck. “Uncle I will do anything for you”, he said. However, could you explain it a little bit? So that I can be mentally better prepared .Otherwise also it my right to know what I am getting in to.Oh! dear, do not worry, it is necessary to instruct and inform you well so that you do not fail the experiment of life time, also no harm should come to you. Actually, he was more eager than Gajjani. He said,” Listen carefully; you have to use your common sense during the entire period of the experiment. This is a chemical and few drops of it on your body will turn you in to the size of a microorganism. It is also mixed with special color and protein so that you would be recognized by me and protected from other microorganisms. There would be two stages in this experiment. Stage1: You will be put in to this little pond; there you will stay for two days. In addition, stage2: next two days you will be staying in the body of my dog Atma. Now everything is clear? In both the places you might be attacked by many other microorganisms, I have taken all the possible steps to protect you but do not depend on me entirely; if you lost the will to survive you will, die and that will be the end of it. Now are you ready my son?  His Uncle was breathless after this monologue. In turn, Gajjani was also speechless; many thoughts came to his mind but could not utter a word. So he just nodded in affirmative. Uncle soon converted Gajjani in to the size of microorganism and put him in to a small tub. He looked through the microscope, under changed environment Gajjani was swimming. He felt exalted. On the other hand, Gajjani was afraid and felt that he will soon die. Although the water was not turbulent, he felt himself in a violent sea as other microorganism swept by him. Also to his amazement, he was hearing some noises and understood other’s languages. “Here comes a new bacterium, let us kill it. Gajjani swam fast. Soon made friendship with others. Here was a new world in its own rights. He knew that uncle had put him in to a small tub but now it looked endless, difficult to fathom its boundaries. Lot of activities was going on there. However, seemed natural. New births were happening, mass deaths were taking place, and wars were going on everywhere. For Gajjani it was difficult to survive for long. Tiny objects looked like Himalayas to him. Some bacteria’s were like larger than elephants and whales. He had few discussions with newly made friends and found out that they had no idea about the existence of other worlds like his. On the contrary they laughed at him and did not believe him. Actually they had difficulty in understanding him. Then he realized that he was at present as small as them how could he make them understand that there is a vast sea outside, a huge planet Jupiter, many stars and many galaxies and much more. However, for him their world also seemed more than many universes. Gajjani was very tired and spent many sleepless nights. He ate too little and was afraid also of dying. Many generations of bacteria and viruses changed before his eyes. He felt older. Then suddenly a storm came and he was out of the tub. Then his uncle converted him back in to the human form. His first question was “how much time I was in that tub “he, pointed at the tub. ‘Exactly for twenty seconds’ his uncle replied, I cannot risk your life, son.


An old man’s dilemma

Here I am putting my response to an article by Davada uncle in the blog of “piyuni no pamrat” as a short  article.

  1. Dear Paruben,
    Nice article about older people and what they have to go through in their later stages of life, when they are waiting for dear death. There is a lot of truth in the article of Davda uncle and may guide many people who are likely to face such a situation in a joint family. According to me this problem could be tackled from many fronts. 1) Remain active and physically fit as long as you can, so that you don’t become a burden or a liability. Also you can help your family by remaining fit and hence increase your importance and win love from them. 2) Save some money for yourselves you will be needing it at the fag-end of your life. this will also make you fill quite independent. Do not give away everything to your sons and daughters and feel cheated later on. This may sound selfish but it is the order of the day. 3) Most important: Be intellectually powerful and guide the family, your help will be appreciated. Take interest in many activities it will keep the mind sharp and body healthy. 4) Do not criticize at a drop of a hat, younger generation has their own ideas about the world. 4) Adjust to the new circumstances, understand that there is a role reversal now, your wife even can not help that. 5) do not feel helpless , be mentally strong and see the film “Bagban”. 6) do not become a pain in the neck  instead, compromise and win hearts of your grandchildren. 7) create your value, there is no free meal anywhere. Even after all your honest efforts thing still could go wrong, then you might have learnt a new lesson from life  ( a great teacher). However if you have lived a good life and gathered knowledge this is not a big problem.