Here is a beautiful poem about one of the many faces of life by Dr. J. R. Raol. In there the author describes how filthy and useless thoughts enter our minds and how hard it is to remove them just like dust gathered in a closed house for many days. Well one cannot stop the dust or thoughts entering in their respective areas but one can at least try to learn how to deal with them.Thoughts are next stage to action.Therefore in Rigveda 7.1.1 it is stated that “Let noble thoughts emanate from us and spread to all directions“. So, enjoy the poem below,

89.         DUST 
I opened my room and found dust everywhere on my chair, my table
on my books, in and out of books
in the old computer keyboard
in the drawers, in and out of cups
on my tea-kettle
dust and dust gathered everywhere.
Less did I realize that I have now visited my room after so many days
after so many months and years
The dust had free time to gather
from far and near places
like the thoughts gathering in my mind
from anywhere and even nowhere.
The dust entered my mind as
the thoughts enter so effortlessly into my mind
I became impatient to wipe out
all the dust from the room, its objects
When the job was done
the dust had really entered my mouth, lungs
might have travelled gradually into my inner system and
where else I do not know.
The dust can come out by sneezing
by cleaning and coughing
Can the dirty thoughts come out
so easily from our minds?
by cleaning, cleansing or by coughing
– I am not sure
For it takes seconds for filthy thoughts to enter
but ages to come out and
never without damaging
the soul and the purity of mind and heart.
By JIRARA (From ‘Sandy Bonds’, 2009)