life is Evil: turn it into Joy

Let us understand more about Life.Every one wants life,and then more life,and then a good life.What is a good life? Well, every one has his own ideas for living a good life. Some want money, power, good wife,good children, a car,bungalow and so on, the list is endless. Some may want fame. Many want love. So what is all this? In one word is it all about “wants” and “desires?”. for every wish that is satisfied there remain twenty that are denied. Desire is infinite, fulfilment is limited. so long as we are subject to willing, we can never have lasting happiness. Now, let us see  the opposite story of life. Imagine if “Ram Rajya” is established, and if every evil were removed, and all problems and strifes and struggle are totally ended, boredom would become as intolerable as pain. The more successful we become, the more we are bored. Even if yoy increase the knowledge there is no solution. You increase more sorrow.  Also, life is a big war, everywhere in nature we see compition, conflict, struggle , defeat and victory. In short we are always unhappy either satisfied or unsatisfied. We are unhappy married, and unmarried we are unhappy.We are unappy when alone, and unhappy in society.What a tragedy To be happy, one must be as ignorant as youth.Because death for it is too far away. Has not seen the fruitlessness of fulfilment of desire. At the end we meet our great friend death or enemy? It is playing with us as a cat with a helpless mouse. The fear of death is the final cause of religion. So, many talk of immortality. Life after death and Atman never dies. Who knows? Poor fellow goes to the grave not knowing anything. Some go through so much pain that they go mad. Madness comes as a way to avoid the memory of suffering. The final refuge is suicide. Here at last thought and imagination win over the will or instinct. But nature does not care many more births happen. life and will move on, momentarily defeating the  death. Who is final winner? The man who turns the evil life in to joy.