Common wealth games are on with great zeal and enthusiasm. Athletes are putting in their best to achieve gold medals for mother India. What media did before the event we know it all; it was their part of duty and business. Now everything is going very smoothly except for stray incidences. In the middle of all this popular Baba Ramdev has come up with Swabhimanyatra and is giving new terminology for CWG. Of course, he is not against the games and the athletes but he is against the leadership of queen of England. The carrying of queen’s “masal” reminds him of our “Gulami” and all that. I do not know why he is suffering from the inferiority complex. Now we are independent and a very successful one of the largest democracy in the world. We are number two in the medal tally in this CWG 2010 hosted by us only. Do we tell our children and remind them very often that we as a nation were not independent. We had probably deserved it. Times and capabilities do change, forget the past Baba and move ahead. Our all youngsters have studied history and they know what had happened. We are not here to hate our past rulers but learn from the mistakes and be a strong nation in every respect. I do not see any shade of “gulami” in the eyes of our brave athletes and sports persons.instead; I see patriotism for the nation.