The dragon of drugs

As you all know, drugs are widely used by all age groups in almost all the countries. I am talking of Marijuana, Heroin, lsd, Brown Sugar, Cocaine, crack and so on. These people want to be high, on top of the world. Want to enjoy life, forget the worries and tensions. Do they achieve this? No definitely not, instead they make a mess of their lives. Only few come back to normalcy. In America most of the Cocaine comes from South American countries like, Columbia, Bolivia, and Peru. They are easily grown at elevation from 1000 to 6000 feet; coca can be harvested three or more times a year. An estimated ten lac acres are devoted to illegal cultivation. Shifting smuggling routes may carry 800 tons of the drugs each year, more than half of it to the U.S. Customs officials look the other way and accept graft. American billions of dollars as an aid to these countries to curb this nuisance. But overall it is a sorry state of affairs. Mafia drug dealers carry on their business and they even kill the judges, Police Officials and small dealers who fail to deliver the goods. Young mothers smoking crack all day sell their food stamps to buy more, next the furniture; then comes the prostitution. Teenagers find themselves hooked within six to eight weeks.

My advice to parents is to be vigilant and careful. Proper guidance and love can make a great difference, before it is too late. There are always tell tale signs, must look for them. Save your children from the fire of the dragon of drugs.