Few days back I saw for about one hour sting operations by one of the TV channels. There they showed how this godmen were eager to shelter criminals and were prepared to turn black money in to white money.They were boasting like a ” Tapori ” and said even police can not dare to come in to the Ashram. I know even after watching this their followers will not deter .This is real plight for india . Media is doing real good job in this respect atleast.There is nexus between sadhu and politicians,criminals and bussinessmen.People should be aware of this. What i think is even in all ashram record keeping of inmates and visitors should be made compulsory who are to stay for longer durations say,for than one week or so.Also all money transactions must come under the purview of the Govt. laws just like any other private business firm.There are about more than 30 lac sadhu  in india and they are revered and respected for their saintlyness.But what about this ASHARAMS  and NIRASA RAMS ? There are so many black sheep in the lot that this term black sheep needs to be changed.Even donations to any ashram must be taxed(10%) and that tax money must go to PM’s fund. HEY RAM!