Love is a most misunderstood feeling. many try to define it and many fail also. Some say love is dying and living for each other, just like Laila and Majnu and many others like them. One more group is active and that is ” if do not succeed jump in to the well, consume poison, hang the rope etc. category”. But this is not called love in its true sense. These people are highly selfish and think about only their union and nothing else. If  one is cheating the other takes revenge or becomes sad and may take his/her life  own life.LOVE means sacrifice, to care for others, show commitment, high moral values, egolessness, compassion, mutual trust, unselfish. The person who is not having even small amount of these qualities is quite incapable of loving others even himself. his love would be nothing but politics and act of greed and lust. love is not possessiveness, it is giving freedom to the partner. Love is near to GOD, dissolving in to the GOD, this is the highest form of love.