Today is an auspicious occasion of Rakhsha Bandhan in India for brothers and sisters. A sister ties  rakhi to her brother on his right wrist and prays for his well-being, in return the brother vows to defend and protect her.The  festival is celebrated with much fun and ado. Why it is then called bandhan.Because it is binding to both of them for life long. A sister goes to her husband’s house after her marriage still she needs moral, financial and social support from her parent’s . After some years when her father and mother are no more on this earth her brother is responsible to carry out some of the social obligations and duties. sister’s love for her brother is unique in the sense that she is never wanting financial assistance except for rare occasions. Our country is proud of having such festivals which reflect a beautiful side of our culture. even soldiers and jail inmates are not spared from this BANDHAN.

Today, exactly one year has passed since this article was written for the first time. Nothing much has changed since then.