This is  for few adults also, 
Many young people of India worship film stars and actresses like God. They see hit movies many times over, read filmy gossip magazines, keep track of their movements, and talk a lot about them and so on. This is waste of time and energy. They quite forget the difference between the real life and reel life. This shows the lack of judgment and clear thinking and not believing in himself. No sense of priorities. Young people must think clearly and set goals and work hard to achieve them. Real heroes are Vivekananda, Dalai Lama, Abdul kalam, M.K.Ghandhi, Sardar Patel, to name a few. Read their books and try to capture their Great Spirit and strength of character if you want to make this India powerful and prosperous. Let the film stars do their job; it is their career and let me remind you they are hard-working people. But leave at that, do not make them your gods and devote your precious time and energy. Admire their acting if it is good; learn to work hard from them. You can learn good things from any one for that matter, no harm in that. But 
you be your hero and believe in yourself. Entertainment is necessary for healthy mind and body so use it quite thoughtfully .Same way there are cricketing gods. Watch out there also.  
 These film stars are not ideal people  many of them have  dumped their wives and gone after younger ones. many are drug addicts ,some go after power and jump in to elections and fail drastically.well i won’t go in to details but one must see and use his/her brains . devote time for your parents and yourself.