There was no man when I visited this earth some lackhs of years back. I met only few mosquitos and dinosaurs and few crocodiles.The planet looked so beautiful and live I decided to  make it my home.ALL creatures opposed and one mosquito even threatened me to harass for thousands of years to come. it was so tiny I ignored it and the threat.Slowly and slowly i destroyed many creatures till few species were left.I am still doing my dirty work but regret that why I left out the tiny mosquito.


Today is an auspicious occasion of Rakhsha Bandhan in India for brothers and sisters. A sister ties  rakhi to her brother on his right wrist and prays for his well-being, in return the brother vows to defend and protect her.The  festival is celebrated with much fun and ado. Why it is then called bandhan.Because it is binding to both of them for life long. A sister goes to her husband’s house after her marriage still she needs moral, financial and social support from her parent’s . After some years when her father and mother are no more on this earth her brother is responsible to carry out some of the social obligations and duties. sister’s love for her brother is unique in the sense that she is never wanting financial assistance except for rare occasions. Our country is proud of having such festivals which reflect a beautiful side of our culture. even soldiers and jail inmates are not spared from this BANDHAN.

Today, exactly one year has passed since this article was written for the first time. Nothing much has changed since then.


Many people out of reasons best known to themselves only and for apparent reasons as well choose to end their is a very complex issue since it relates to mind.some out of fear of failure and loosing all hopes of survival do opt for such cowardly act. i have little sympathy for such persons, however i am much concerned for them and utter waste of human life in this doing so they hurt their relatives also. strong and creative mind never fails.A self confident person who believes in him self  will never commit suicide.


This is  for few adults also, 
Many young people of India worship film stars and actresses like God. They see hit movies many times over, read filmy gossip magazines, keep track of their movements, and talk a lot about them and so on. This is waste of time and energy. They quite forget the difference between the real life and reel life. This shows the lack of judgment and clear thinking and not believing in himself. No sense of priorities. Young people must think clearly and set goals and work hard to achieve them. Real heroes are Vivekananda, Dalai Lama, Abdul kalam, M.K.Ghandhi, Sardar Patel, to name a few. Read their books and try to capture their Great Spirit and strength of character if you want to make this India powerful and prosperous. Let the film stars do their job; it is their career and let me remind you they are hard-working people. But leave at that, do not make them your gods and devote your precious time and energy. Admire their acting if it is good; learn to work hard from them. You can learn good things from any one for that matter, no harm in that. But 
you be your hero and believe in yourself. Entertainment is necessary for healthy mind and body so use it quite thoughtfully .Same way there are cricketing gods. Watch out there also.  
 These film stars are not ideal people  many of them have  dumped their wives and gone after younger ones. many are drug addicts ,some go after power and jump in to elections and fail drastically.well i won’t go in to details but one must see and use his/her brains . devote time for your parents and yourself.  





Politics is always in the minds of people. it is inborn character even children sometimes use it. It is a behaviour pattern and used for personal benifit and gains. politicians are named politicians because they are the ones who use this behaviour pattern maximum. In politics everything is fair just like in love and war. A normal person must learn to defend himself when he comes to know that he is going to be used, please read chanakya. ALSO  use right to information so that many people can be saved from politics. Use your inner voice and vote ,ask for results and donot give much attention and praise to unworthy politicians.

POOR MAN,a rich man’s bad dream

Have you ever thought of a poor man, or what can you do about him/her. All well to do people and others carry on with their daily routine, mundane life, always thinking of himself, his income, his wife, promotion, progress and so on.There is no dearth of problems for him even if he is very rich. he is thinking of new projects etc. A middle class person is also too busy to handle his own situation. The govt. and babus are too engrossed in their futile work. The politician  as everybody knows is after everything . I donot know who really cares for that downtrodden poor man. Even religious persons and gurus run after money and glory. no real work is done for his upliftment. only he helps himself and if he cannot, he commits suicide. Every indian is responsible for this situation. There is a solution : we MUST feel for them.


There are two schools of thought regarding this. One is, leave the poor to fend for themselves. otherwise They will become lazy and will not progress on their own. They will become parasites and are a liability. Also they will never stop begging. The other view is slightly more human. Believes in helping the Needy. Both the views have logic behind it. If we have a close relative who is either mentally or physically ill are we not going to support him/her? So these poor people made poor most of the time By bad governance and bad politics to which we are also responsible need greater attention and care. We always help to some extent those people who are struck by flood, cyclone, earth quake and an epidemic. What about the poor who are having the all time greatest disease named poverty? If things go on for long like this more and more poor will be attracted to join Naxalites and other militants. This is not a main issue here, however think about what other problems can arise out of poverty. Like thefts, Loot,disease,rise in population, high rate of death for mothers and child, social disharmony and so on to name a few. While there are many social charity organizations other population is just indifferent to the responsibility. All poor fellows are not beggars, they work hard and try to support their family, and what do we give them, the death by drunken driving spree. In the extreme seasons like hot summers and cold winters many die on the footpaths and in the newspapers we   count the daily toll. If we really feel for them some day we will try to reach out to them more actively with love and affection as if they are one of us, humans and not some other species. We normal people run after gurus and devote time and money, also do not pay right taxes, spend money lavishly on costly cars and bikes etc. But there are others who need you because you are also partly involved in the ghastly crime of increasing their plight. Yesterday I saw in the news in TV that a pregnant woman was laying on footpath of busy area of canaugt place in New Delhi and no one cared where were the people (and not the police or social organizations)? The woman delivered a child and died, the new-born was saved. The police said that  if we were informed we could have done something, and I believe in them despite their bad unsympathetic record. But I don’t trust the general elites. Feel, experience and care.


Causes: Lack of a market economy & over government regulation and red tape, known as License Raj is the main cause of poverty in India. While other Asian countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea started with the same poverty level as India after independence, India adopted a socialist centrally planned, closed economy. Fortunately India has started to open its markets since the economic reforms in 1991 which has cut the poverty rate in half since then. Another cause is a high population growth rate, although demographers generally agree that this is a symptom and not cause of poverty. While services and industry have grown at double-digit figures, agriculture growth rate has dropped from 4.8% to 2%. About sixty percent of the population depends on agriculture whereas the contribution of agriculture to the GDP is about eighteen percent. The surplus of labor in agriculture has caused many people to not have jobs. Farmers are a large vote bank and use their votes to resist reallocation of land for higher-income industrial projects.

 Caste system: According to S. M. Michael, Dalits constitute the bulk of poor and unemployed. According to William A. Haviland, casteism is widespread in rural areas, and continues to segregate Dalits. Others, however, have noted the steady rise and empowerment of the Dalits through social reforms and the implementation of reservations in employment and benefits. Caste explanations of poverty fail to account for the urban/rural divide. Using the UN definition of poverty, 65% of rural forward castes are below the poverty line.

According to a recent Indian government committee constituted to estimate poverty, nearly 38% of India’s population (380 million) is poor. This report is based on new methodology and the figure is 10% higher than the present poverty estimate of 28.5%.

The committee was headed by SD Tendulkar has used a different methodology to reach at the current figure. It has taken into consideration indicators for heath, education, sanitation, nutrition and income as per National Sample Survey Organization survey of 2004-05. This new method is a complex scientific basis for addressing the concern raised over the current poverty estimation.

Since 1972 poverty has been defined on basis of the money required to buy food worth 2100 calories in urban areas and 2400 calories in rural areas. In June this year a government committee headed by NC Saxena committee estimated 50% Indians were poor as against Planning Commission’s 2006 figure of 28.5%.

Poverty is one of the main problems which have attracted attention of sociologists and economists. It indicates a condition in which a person fails to support a living standard adequate for his physical and mental efficiency. It is a situation people want to escape. It gives rise to a feeling of a discrepancy between what one has and what one should have. The term poverty is a relative concept. It is very difficult to draw a demarcation line between affluence and poverty. According to Adam Smith – Man is rich or poor according to the degree in which he can afford to enjoy the necessaries, the conveniences and the amusements of human life.

Even after more than 50 years of Independence India still has the world’s largest number of poor people in a single country. Of it’s nearly 1 billion inhabitants, an estimated 260.3 million are below the poverty line, of which 193.2 million are in the rural areas and 67.1 million are in urban areas. More than 75% of poor people live in villages. Poverty level is not uniform across India. The poverty level is below 10% in states like Delhi, Goa, and Punjab etc whereas it is below 50% in Bihar (43) and Orissa (47). It is between 30-40% in Northeastern states of Assam, Tripura, and Megalaya and in Southern states of TamilNadu and Uttar Pradesh.

The Planning Commission on Monday released the latest poverty estimates for the country showing a decline in the incidence of poverty by 7.3 per cent over the past five years and stating that anyone with a daily consumption expenditure of Rs. 28.35 and Rs. 22.42 in urban and rural areas, respectively is above the poverty line.

NEWS: Facing a political storm over its poverty line prescription, the government decided to revise the Rs 32 a day expenditure criteria for urban population (Rs 26 for rural) by factoring in the 2009-10 National Sample Survey Organization report on household spend.  Millions of rupees are being donated to “babas and sadhu for the greed of worldly benefits while a poor man occasionally gets not more than a  5 rupee coin.



The moment we take birth in mother’s womb and even before that are we free ,are we aware of what is going on in this universe?what is the reason behind it? and also throughout our life in the process of learning and unlearning are we free from the bondage of mind and matter, love and lust and feelings. a child is supposed to be some what free compared to us , but only somewhat.